Hey, Y'all! Welcome to SSWE! I'm Tara and I am so glad you stopped by! If you are like me, you have weddings on your mind and a cup of coffee (or sweet tea) in your hand! Hey, I love both, so I don't judge! ;) 


So, you dropped by because you are on this new journey of wedding planning! Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of Ms2Mrs. If you have recently become engaged or have been engaged for a while, or better yet, maybe you are celebrating a vow renewal and have determined that you need either a lot, or maybe just little bit, of guidance. Well then, you can definitely park it right here. My team and I would LOVE to be your planning companion! I have been helping new couples, as well as 30-year married couples, have their dream day! Here, at SSWE, we take great pride in creating one-of-a-kind weddings! Believe me when I say we have seen it all. Seriously, from Baseball (right on the pitcher's mound) to a Rock'em Sock'em wedding! Individuality is what makes what we do so much fun! Are you ready for us to take the burden off you while you get to enjoy the process? Contact us today to see how you can get started.


Did you say "Destination Wedding?" We've got you covered! Even though we are based in the state that's well known as "Virginia is for Lovers," I have a great passion for travel! Not only do we create weddings locally, but we have been blessed in helping brides have the wedding of their dreams outside the Hampton Roads area. We have been to both Harker's Island and Raleigh in NC as well as Leesville, Lexington, and Irvington all in VA, and have even traveled to Ponte Vedra, Florida. We are heading to Jamaica in 2020 and Puerto Rico in 2021 (Did I mention how much I love to travel?) LOL! So, where do you want to jet off to so we can create your dream destination wedding? Let us know because we are ready for take off!

Fresh Look Photography
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The Small Details

We take great pride in executing everything so that it looks just as you envisioned it would, even down to the smallest of details.

Tara's motto is "Your wedding vision WILL become my vision"! It is true, Tara will work with you to ensure you have your dream wedding while WOWing your guests! She has a passion for seeing that every one of her couples experiences a stress-free wedding and that they are pleased with the design at the end of the night! 


You may not know this, but a wedding is a production that takes time to orchestrate! So, while you are in the bridal suite hanging out with your lovely ladies enjoying being pampered, (which you deserve) our TEAM will be working hard at creating your vision! One of the greatest moments for us is seeing the look of awe on their faces as they see their vision come to life, it's just priceless! We always have tissue on hand because sometimes the bride is moved to tears! Seriously, it just doesn't get any better than that!

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