What does your engagement ring say about you?

Blinding Diamonds


What gemstone personality are you?

Round - Responsible, Super-Organized, Punctual, and Prepared. Do you live by checklists, do you have a hard time giving up control? If so, you are a round gemstone!

Marquise - Sensitive, Family-focused, Caring, Optimistic. Do you value the opinions of your loved ones, are you a romantic with a flair for the dramatic and a bit indecisive? If so, you are a marquise gemstone! 

Emerald - Researcher, Analytical, Logical, Intelligent. Are you all about the numbers and do you love researching all the little details? If so, you are an emerald gemstone!

Radiant - Creative, Negotiator, Spontaneous, Flexible. Are you outgoing and full of personality and you love all the different wedding styles that you find it hard to choose? If so, you are a radiant gemstone!