• Jessica W.

Bridesmaid Proposals

Are you the type of person that always knew who you want to be by your side when that special day

comes, but don’t know how to ask them? No worries SSWEbytara has 3 ways to help you ask your


The Knot

Tying the knot is one of the many phrases people use when getting married so why “knot”

incorporate that phrase for your bridesmaids? In this picture the bride used knot earrings to ask

one of her bridesmaids to be by her side.

A Creative Keepsake

For the brides that love a good DIY this is the perfect way to ask your girls to be by your side

while also making it personal with adding their names. You can use personalized water bottles,

t-shirts, candles, etc. whichever speaks to you the most.

A Simple Card

Now for all the brides who love the traditional aspect of asking, a simple card may work for you.

In this picture the bride uses a cute way to ask her bridesmaid while incorporating a classic

show, friends.

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