• Tara Jones

Don't Waste those Flowers

You just said farewell to all of your guests at the end of your wedding and your family is looking around at all the leftover flowers and are a bit overwhelmed. Their cars are packed with all of your DIY items and there is no more room in their vehicle for anything else. I have seen flowers passed out to guests, left behind for staff members, given to myself and team members and sadly, even thrown away. It doesn't matter if you paid for real or artificial, the dilemma is the same.

Why let beautiful flowers go to waste after the wedding when you can brighten someone's day? Why not donate them to patients in hospices, cancer treatment centers, mental health facilities, domestic abuse and homeless shelters. Too tired to do that from all of the festivities of the wedding, let SSWE help you with that. For a small fee, we will collect your flowers at the end of the night and deliver them the following day to one of the above facilities. Ask us how we can help repurpose your wedding day flowers!

Florals: Petals & Twigs https://www.petalsandtwigsrva.com/

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