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How to Beat the Heat and Still Enjoy a Summertime Wedding

Updated: May 26, 2020

Summer months (June-August) have been known to be the most popular months to have a wedding. It’s easy to see why; gorgeous weather, fewer holidays, more options for outdoor venues, and a beautiful natural backdrop for your special day. But the summer also brings the heat with it. When most of the country is above 70 degrees, the wedding starts to get a little sticky (and the guest too).


During those hot summer days, it is easy for your guests to get hot and cranky. You can’t make it feel like winter but there are definitely some cool ways to help.

Dress code

The first way would be to set a relaxed dress code. No one wants to be in a formal gown or three-piece tuxedo on an 80-degree day. By setting a relaxed dress code, it allows your guest to wear their summer best.


Another tip is to provide sunscreen, bug spray, and a mini fan. When the UV-rays are hitting you hard, you’ll want to make sure you are protected with some sunscreen. If fans aren’t your style, here are a few ways you can change them or provide alternatives:


Finally, make sure to keep your guest hydrated. Provide cooling water stations around the venue so that there is never a reason not to have water. If you want you can even dress them up by infusing them with seasonal fruits or vegetables like cucumber.

Overheated Wedding Party

It is important to make sure your wedding party can withstand that hot summer sun for all the photos. Some ways to do this are by; picking a light-colored dress and a light breathable fabric. This goes for the bride as well, a bride won’t want anything tight, pick fabrics like organza or linen for the men’s suits. Next to ensure that all photos look amazing, apply an airbrushed foundation. When the sun is shining on you it would melt and stays put all night. As for the hair, get it off of the neck. An updo is perfect for keeping hair out of your face and getting ruined by the humidity.

Pro-tip: to help the bridal party and the groomsmen get through that hot summer day. Make them Sweat-Survival Kits; include tools such as face blotters, sunscreen, travel-size deodorant, or even body wipes.


In the summer heat, flowers tend to begin to whittle. There are some tricks and tips for making sure your flowers stay crisp. To start, when picking out flowers for the day, make sure to pick flowers that can withstand the hot summer air. Flowers like the trendy succulents are ideal, but also consider tropical blooms; peonies, garden roses, lavender, phalaenopsis orchids, freesias, hydrangeas, and anemones are all good choices. It is always a good idea to organize with the floral company a day of delivery to a refrigerator on sight. This will minimize the time that the flowers are in heat. Another tip is to freeze all the vases to keep the flowers cool when they are out on the table.


Food is an important part of any gathering. But when it is the hot summer months it's a good idea to keep food light and cool. Use seasonal foods. It is always fun to serve a frozen cocktail and keep dessert cold. Everyone loves a cool refreshing dessert that has an ice cream cart or truck come, serve popsicles, or shaved ice.

Often times during a summer wedding, the cake begins to melt. Sometimes it is best to not display the cake until it is time to cut it. However, some couples like to have it out the whole wedding so it, in order to avoid any melting here, are some tips:

  • Consider using a “dummy cake”, a cake that is just one small section of cake for cutting. The “cake” can be displayed the whole wedding without any worry about it melting. Once the cake cutting is over waiters can slice sheet cake to pass out.

  • Instead of using heavy fondant, try using buttercream and corn starch to frost the cake. It will make the frosting stiffer and it won’t melt.


When choosing a venue for summer there are some things you should consider. Does the venue have indoor AND outdoor spaces? You always want to make sure the venue has both whether it is a tent or building. It is important to have a place for the elderly, pregnant guests and children to go when they get hot. Also, keep in mind if there is no A/C unit with the tent it is always a good idea to rent one.

Pro tip: If you choose to have a tent DO NOT rent a clear one. It will act as a magnifying glass and make the whole place heat up under the sun.

Another question to ask is if there is any shade at the ceremony sight? When looking at ceremony spots it is important to find one in the shade. The last thing anyone wants is to be in direct sunlight and squinting their whole ceremony.


To keep it cool during the ceremony, keep it short and sweet. Guests do not want to be outside in the heat longer than they have to be. But during the ceremony, have ushers pass out small ice-cold hand towels. This will cool everyone off. Also, have ice buckets full of water bottles placed around the ceremony spot. That way there is always enough. Along with this, have fabric cushions on top of the chairs. The last thing anyone wants is to burn their backside while sitting down.

Wedding Timeline

Like everything in life, timing is key. When planning the timeline for a summer wedding, it is best to start at sunset. The sun won’t be as bad, and there is still a beautiful backdrop of the sunset. During the day, in order to minimize the amount of heat, it is a good idea to keep the ceremony short as well as the cocktail hour.

Hopefully, this will help you when it comes to planning your perfect summer wedding.

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