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Is It Time For A Date Night?

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Oh my goodness, he popped the question and you said "YES" without hesitation! You showed off the bling to family and friends and of course social media! The love of your life has staked his claim and you are on your way to happily ever after! Now, let's fast forward to where you are today.....wedding planning mode!

You, along with every other B2B (bride to be,) has dreamed about planning a wedding since being a little girl! You envisioned how much fun it would be sampling cakes and dinner options, seeing your friends on the dance floor and all the lovely centerpieces on the tables! How could planning a wedding be anything less than fun?

This is the moment you have been waiting for, sharing your wedding planning journey with your future husband discussing all the different types of florals, color palettes, bridesmaids dresses, etc, etc. You don't mean to go on and on endlessly, you are excited, you have the right! Guess what? After awhile, your guy may start tuning you out and you believe he's not interested in planning the wedding. Guess what? He very well may not be. Remember, you have been dreaming about planning your wedding your whole life. All he knows is that he has found the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. There are so many things that can cause undue stress between a couple during wedding planning. Don't allow the fact that he's not as interested as you think he should be to cause problems in your relationship.

If you are already to the point of frustration, take a step back and realize you may be putting too much pressure on him to be present in areas that he really is not interested in. Instead, realize it is time for you to schedule a date night, one that does NOT include any wedding planning talk. Nothing, no wedding talk at all! I know it will be hard, but it is vital that you make your future husband feel like he is more important than all of the wedding planning stuff. Pick a night and explain to him you want to be present in the moment and leave wedding planning aside so y'all can enjoy one another! A reminder to you both as to why you fell in love! Create these nights so you can reminisce later in your marriage how you were able to unplug from the stresses and focus on what brought you together!

Below, I have listed four different date night ideas . Fun things to do to relieve stress from all of the wedding planning and of course you can sprinkle whatever you like to add your special touch. Also, here's a fun idea to consider, create a box and after each date, you can write a quick note about what you enjoyed most about the day. Nothing fancy, not a whole story, It could be just a couple of lines and then you can read it when you return from your honeymoon! How fun is that?!?

  1. Movie Night: No, not your typical rent a vide or go to the movies. Why not throw a white sheet in the backyard (or living room) and watch some old movies like Laurel & Hardy. You can add a fire pit (if outdoors) and make some smores. Invite some friends over and make it a double date. Butcha gotta let them know there will be NO wedding talk whatsoever! ;)

  2. Spoil your man with a trip to Topgolf. Invite some friends and make it a night of food and fun! You don't even have to be good at golf to enjoy yourself! Remember, NO wedding talk, hint/hint! :)

  3. Schedule a helicopter ride for just the two of you with a birdseye tour your area. Finish the night off with a picnic at sunset. Choose your favorite spot and spread a blanket and bring out the food basket. Remember, make all of his favorites and NO wedding talk! LOL

  4. Go to the zoo and schedule a behind the scenes tour. You can make a day of it. End the evening by cooking dinner together. Maybe make homemade pasta of your choice. If you don't have a pasta maker, check out Bed Bath and Beyond, they have several different ones to choose from.

So, four date night ideas to get you started on a journey to experiencing a great time with your future spouse that will also help you step back and unwind from all the wedding planning stresses.

Happy Wedding Planning, the right way!

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