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Jumping the Broom - Ceremony

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Beautiful couple upholding their jumping the broom tradition
Jumping the Broom

Alencia and Brian, a vibrant and deeply in love couple, added a touch of cultural significance to their wedding ceremony by incorporating the tradition of jumping the broom. Just after they exchanged heartfelt vows at the stunning Neon House venue, the couple took a moment to honor their heritage and ancestors. With the broom symbolizing the sweeping away of the past and the start of their new journey together, Alencia and Brian joyfully leaped over it arm in arm. It was a beautiful and meaningful moment that perfectly encapsulated their love story and the new chapter they were embarking upon as husband and wife.

Alencia and Brian chose us as their day-of coordinators just one month before their big day. They were determined to savor every moment without any worries, and the day unfolded flawlessly. With stunning decor and flowers by Isha Florals, The Neon House provided a picturesque backdrop for their wedding.

As the bridal party gathered in the venue's bridal suite, it was evident that this group knew how to bring the party to life. Their infectious energy set the tone for a day filled with joy and celebration, and their guests eagerly joined in the festivities!

Brian's expression as he gazed at his beautiful bride was absolutely heartwarming! His eyes were filled with love and adoration throughout the entire evening. As a mother of boys myself, I often observe how grooms react, and Brian's heartfelt emotions were truly touching!

Their wedding day was a tremendous success, and we absolutely loved being a part of it! Wishing Alencia and Brian a fantastic journey as they embark on this new chapter as husband and wife..

Couple chilling in the limo after a busy day of celebrating their love with family and friends.
Finally Alone

Planning: Simply Southern Weddings and Events

Venue and Catering: The Neon House

Decor & Flowers: Isha Foss Design

Videographer: Virtue The Artist LLC

Transportation: Lavish Limos

DJ: DJ Juanski

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