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How to Beat the Post Wedding-Blues

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

After wedding day blues
Post Wedding Blues

Post Wedding Blues (PWB)! Have you ever heard of such? Does it really happen? Can it happen to me? Believe me ladies, this is a real thing! You may be asking, what is PWB, I know, it sounds a little crazy, you just married the love of your life and jetted off to your happily ever after, right? Well, let me explain it to you, it simply means "the honeymoon is over." All of the planning has ceased and you are now back to your normal life without all of the oohs and ahhs from everyone you love. It's no wonder, you were on such a hype once he slipped that ring on your finger and just like that all of the fun began!!! Now that it's all over, you feel that you are no longer the focal point that you were during all of the planning. I mean, who doesn't like being in the limelight? It's fun, right? Maybe it's because you feel like you won't be able to celebrate with all of your family and friends in one place again. Literally, everyone was celebrating you and your new hubby! You were both being showered with love and affection but when the night was over, you felt a sense of loss. OR, maybe it's because you are a planner by nature, and you feel lost now that all of the planning is over.

I remember receiving a call the morning after one of my couples said "I Do" to thank us for everything and she shared with me that she was feeling really down now that the planning was over. It broke my heart hearing this since their wedding was everything she dreamt it would be. This was the first time any of my brides mentioned anything like this to me. Since then, SSWEbyTara, has come up with ways to help brides overcome this feeling of sadness. So, if you've been feeling a little down since your wedding or honeymoon ended, the following coping techniques may help you feel better and get over those post-wedding blues.

  1. Wedding gifts - As you receive your wedding gifts, hold off putting them away until after you return from your honeymoon. It will give you something to do while taking your mind off all the wedding planning you have just completed while transitioning back to your life before all the excitement began.

  2. Plan a Party - Invite all your closest family and friends over to thank them for celebrating with you during your wedding! Make it a fun experience and think outside the box. Here are some fun ideas; sushi making party, depending on your return from the honeymoon, a season kick off or end of season party, or even a murder mystery party. Whatever you choose, make it memorable and don't forget, SSWEbyTara can help you plan the perfect party!

  3. Anniversary Time - Start planning your one-year anniversary get-away, a romantic vacation! Create a timeline that will space it out over the number of months leading up to the event. This will give you something to look forward to.

  4. Thank You Notes - Finish writing your thank yous and spend a good deal of time adding personal sentiments. This will be a great way to help you reminisce.

  5. Reveal Party - Once your photographer/videographer hands over your wedding images/video, invite your closest family and friends over for the reveal. Have a lot of finger foods for them to help themselves to while watching all the wonderful moments captured! Using amazing companies such as; Ryann Winn Photography

  6. Date Nights - Pre Schedule monthly date nights with your hubby once you return from your honeymoon. Try to schedule 6 months out and be sure to ask your besties to join in the fun. Get creative with your dates!

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