• Ashlea Weems

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

We do our best to make sure there are no problems on your big day, but many possibilities can come up between the time of getting ready and the ceremony. So, find a cute bag or mason jar and fill it up with these emergency day items for you and your bridesmaids!

For those last-minute hair and makeup touch-ups:

◌ Bobby pins

◌ Hairspray

◌ Small brush/comb

◌ Lipstick or gloss/chap-stick

◌ Tweezers

◌ Nail fail

◌ Compact Mirror

◌ Blotting papers

◌ Q-Tips

To help stay fresh and feeling clean after a long day of getting ready:

◌ Toothbrush and toothpaste

◌ Mouthwash

◌ Floss

◌ Mints or gum

◌ Perfume

◌ Tampons/pads

◌ Deodorant

◌ Lotion

◌ Hand Sanitizer

◌ Baby wipes/powder

◌ Tissues

In case help is needed to fix a wardrobe malfunction:

◌ Mini sewing kit (with scissors!)

◌ Fashion tape

◌ Lint roller

◌ Static guard

◌ Stain remover

◌ Safety pins

◌ Super glue

◌ Clear nail polish

For any minor medical issues:

◌ Band-Aids

◌ Eyedrops

◌ Ibuprofen/Advil

◌ Allergy tablets

◌ Pepto-Bismol/Antacid

◌ Cough Drops

◌ Sunscreen

◌ Bug spray

You can use all the ideas or just a few, but either way make sure you and your bridesmaids are covered for any possible wedding day emergencies! From personal experience of being a bridesmaid multiple times, at least one thing has always been needed! These items give you a good, wide coverage of small issues that could arise while getting ready for the big day to begin! And no need to worry about any issues with setting up to make your day beautiful just as you vision because we at SSWE have you covered!

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