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Gorgeous Boho Waterfront Wedding Venue at Tides Inn-Irvington,VA

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Our memorable meeting with Lizzi and her mom, Dabney, was a pivotal moment in their wedding journey. Bridging the distance between Seattle and Virginia through a video chat, we instantly felt the excitement when Dabney exclaimed, "Where do I sign?" before our conversation had even concluded. With unwavering enthusiasm, they chose us as their full-service wedding planner, entrusting us with the task of bringing Lizzi's vision to life.

Despite the miles and the time difference, our collaboration was seamless as we orchestrated the planning of their intimate, 40-person, boho waterfront wedding. Lizzi and her mom were an absolute delight to work with, solidifying our commitment to making wedding dreams a reality.

Lizzi and Austin's wedding day unfolded against the stunning backdrop of the waterfront, radiating elegance and charm. The intimate gathering of 40 close-knit guests created an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy that beautifully encapsulated their love.

Our partnership with Allie, the venue coordinator at this exquisite location, was a pleasure. Her professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a flawless day for Lizzi and Austin only enhanced the magic of the occasion. Collaborating with dedicated professionals like Allie is truly rewarding. The splendor of the venue set the stage for this gorgeous boho waterfront wedding.

As we bore witness to the love story of Lizzi and Austin amidst this breathtaking setting, we couldn't help but envision future weddings at this remarkable venue. The allure of this location is undeniable, and we eagerly look forward to the opportunity to create more unforgettable moments in this enchanting space.

If you find inspiration in Lizzi and Austin's beautiful boho waterfront wedding and are contemplating a similar celebration, we'd be delighted to help you turn your vision into a reality. Whether your dream wedding is intimate or grand, local or distant, our dedicated team is here to bring your wedding day dreams to life.

Boho-themed wedding ceremony with waterfront view at Tides Inn in Irvington, VA.
A Gorgeous BoHo Waterfront Wedding at Tides Inn in Irvington, VA


Full Wedding Planning Services: Simply Southern Weddings and Events by Tara

Venue and Catering: Tides Inn

Photographer: W. Styron Photography

Officiant: Rev. Ken Lane

Ceremony Music: Classical Encounters

Place setting: Rent-E-Quip

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